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Collection of press articles, research concerning MYT1L syndrome

On the pagePubMedyou will find most publications. This selection is not exhaustive.

  • NEW "MYT1L haploinsufficiency in human neurons and mice causes autism-associated phenotypes that can be reversed by genetic and pharmacologic intervention",Moritz Mall et al - Molecular Psychiatry, Nature, published online: 14 February 2023

  • NEW "MYT1L in the making: emerging insights on functions of a neurodevelopmental disorder gene"

Jiayang Chen, Allen Yen, Colin P. Florian and Joseph D. Dougherty, Translational Psychiatry (, 2022

  • NEW "Myt1l haploinsufficiency leads to obesity and multifaceted behavioral alterations in mice"

Markus Wöhr, Wendy M. Fong6, Justyna A. Janas6, Moritz Mall6, Christian Thome6 , Madhuri Vangipuram6 , Lingjun Meng6, Thomas C. Südhof and Marius Wernig6, Molecular Autism, 2022

  • Press article: "Cluster of traits tied to rare mutations in autism-linked gene", by Anna Goshua,  20/12/ 2021, Spectrum

  • Press article "Jake's mice: Searching for answers to the puzzle of autism", by Laura Unga, January 2, 2022


  • Comment post:  Unraveling the mysteries of MYT1L: From reprogramming factor to multifaceted regulator of neuronal differentiation

Aniket Bhattacharya and M. Chiara Manzini, December 2021, Neuron

  • A MYT1L Syndrome mouse model recapitulates patient phenotypes and reveals altered brain development due to disrupted neuronal maturation

Jiayang Chen et al, Dec 2021, Neuron 

  • 📍Neurodevelopmental disorder associated with MYT1L: description of 40 new cases and review of the literature on clinical and molecular aspects

AM Guerrot, J. Coursimault, F. Lecoquierre et al, November 2021, Human Genetics

  • Nine newly identified individuals refine the phenotype associated with MYT1L mutations

Isabelle C Windheuser et al, February 2020, American Journal of Medical Genetics

  • MYT1L mutations cause intellectual disability and variable obesity by dysregulating gene expression and development of the neuroendocrine hypothalamus

Blanchet et al., 2017, Plos Genetics

  • Refinement of the critical 2p25.3 deletion region: the role of MYT1L in intellectual disability and obesity"

Nina De Rocker et al, June 2015, Genetics in Medicine

  •   A new patient with a terminal de novo 2p25.3 deletion of 1.9 Mb associated with early-onset of obesity, intellectual disabilities and hyperkinetic disorder

Maria Clara Bonaglia, Roberto Giorda and Sergio Zanini, 2014, Molecular Cytogenetics

  • Direct conversion of fibroblasts to functional neurons by defined factors

Thomas Vierbuchen et al, 2010, Nature

  • Myelin transcription factor 1 (Myt1) of the oligodendrocyte lineage, along with a closely related CCHC zinc finger, is expressed in developing neurons in the mammalian central nervous system

Kim et al, 1997, Neuroscience Research

  • 📍 Novel member of the zinc finger superfamily: a C(2)-HC finger that recognizes a glia-specific gene

Kim, JG, Hudson, L.D, 1992, Medical Genetics

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