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ADAM, 7 years old


Adam is 7 years old, he is the last of a family of three children. Adam is a very endearing child, cuddly, lively but with behavioral problems that prevent us from having an ordinary life. Everything must be controlled, anticipated, remote....


It was the crèche that alerted us. From his first year we started appointments with a neuro-paediatrician at Trousseau Hospital, with the establishment of psychomotricity care. As the care did not bear the expected fruit, we were directed to carry out additional examinations such as the search for Fragile X, for example, but everything came back negative. Around the age of 3 and a half, an exome was requested. We got the results a year and a half later, when she was five years old. The announcement by the geneticist was brutal and we frankly didn't know any more when we left the meeting.


Today we are followed by a city pediatrician and we are trying to regulate Adam's behavior. This is the main difficulty of our son. Adam has a very serious behavioral problem. He is explosive in both joy and anger. For example, at home, it is very complicated to have a meal in peace. We are forced to close all the doors in the house, to eat from plastic plates and plastic glasses. It is very complicated to receive the friends of his brother and his sister. Likewise, we don't go to restaurants or visit friends. To express how he feels, Adam breaks, throws things and can hurt without intentionally deliberately, in an uncontrolled impulse. This disrupts daily life considerably.

Adam has recently been followed in speech therapy, psychomotricity, and neurofeedback. We would like to be accompanied and guided to help him manage his emotions, his impulses but for the moment we have not found the resources...


Academically, Kindergarten went pretty well with a great team and Adam was able to show off all of his emerging skills. During orientation in primary school, we were “sold” an ideal Ulis device in a school. It was a disaster from the first week. Adam did not have the necessary supervision and adaptations, his behavioral problems increased considerably. Adam was explosive we were very afraid of dropping out. We looked for an emergency solution. Luckily we were heard and received a reception in EMI. Since January, Adam has been half-time in ULIS CP class and half-time in IME where he seems to flourish much more and where he calms down.


Adam loves music, dancing and singing. He does musical awakening. Playing with other children who accept him as he is fills him with happiness. He likes playing outside, jumping on the trampoline!


We also see that despite his disability everyone loves him gives us incredible strength.

We do our best with the desire to support him as far as possible in the skills he is developing by improving his well-being and that of the family, by finding resources to better manage his behavior.

June 2022

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