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It is about sharing the books that can help to discuss the impacts of MYT1L syndrome,

with the person, his family, the school or any other.

Good reading and do not hesitate to send us any proposals that we will gladly join.

You can also take a look in the library of the Anddi Rares Health Network.

100 ideas for teaching social skills 

Paperback – July 3, 2020

de Mehdi Liratni (Author), Rene Pry (Preface)

Mehdi Liratni is a doctor in psychology, liberal psychologist and cognitive-behavioral therapist. He is a trainer and supervisor, particularly in behavioral approach and social skills for school, hospital and medico-social structures. He developed a manual "Teaching social skills for children with autism" and has now trained more than a thousand professionals in his program, notably at the Autism Resource Center in the Rhône-Alpes region.

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The amazing adventure of the Barak mission
... to understand obesity
Paperback - Illustrated, 25 Mar 2021

of  Lorraine Joly  (Author),  Charlotte cornudet  (Author)

Barak is fed up with being called "Barak the hut". What if Raphael and Professor Folk allowed him to understand what obesity is? What if there were solutions to fight it? Do you want to accompany Barak in all these discoveries? So put on your orange jumpsuit and jump in the airborne capsule  next to Raphael. He welcomes you as a co-pilot! Lots of amazing encounters await you in this new adventure inside the human body.

Lorraine JOLY is a psychologist in the genetics department of the Dijon University Hospital. Children's questions about genetics and the world in general made him want to write stories that would provide them with answers in a fun and accessible way.

Charlotte CORNUDET is an illustrator-graphic designer.

Journey to the center of the cell

Paperback - Illustrated, 11 Sep 2014

of  Lorraine Joly  (Author),  Charlotte cornudet  (Illustrations)

Raphaël is 10 years old. He's twisted, he was born like that. In addition, he is very slow at school, even if he understands everything. With his class, he wins a competition and goes to visit a research center on genetic diseases. Thanks to his unexpected meeting with Professor Folk, he will live a crazy adventure that will bring him to the heart of the cells of the human body.
If you're ready to follow Raphael, hang on tight, Professor Folk's airborne capsule doesn't wait ...

Lorraine JOLY is a psychologist in the genetics department of the Dijon University Hospital. Children's questions about genetics and the world in general made him want to write stories that would provide them with answers in a fun and accessible way.

Charlotte CORNUDET is an illustrator-graphic designer.

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Anatole's little saucepan 
Hardcover - Mar 1, 2009

of  Isabelle Carrier  (Author)

Anatole is still dragging his little saucepan behind him. She ran into him one day ... We don't really know why. Since then, it gets stuck everywhere and prevents it from moving forward. One day he has had enough. He decides to go into hiding. But fortunately, things are not that simple ...

Arthur's stripes  

Paperback - Illustrated, 1 Apr 2018

of  Danielle Royer  (Author),  Shaina Rudolph  (Author),  & 3  more

Nobody understands me, mom! In this touching story, Arthur feels different from his classmates. The little zebra is worried that they only notice his “autism stripe”. With the help of his mom, Arthur will learn to appreciate all of his other stripes. These represent the forces which are specific to him and which make him a unique being! This book includes a preface as well as a note to parents and educators signed by Dr. Nadia Gagnier, psychologist. She discusses the symptoms and manifestations of autism spectrum disorder (ASD), and offers valuable advice for harnessing the potential therapeutic benefits of this story and regaining hope for the future. AUTISM in a positive way by helping the child to acquire a more global and favorable perception of himself. 

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The bizarre incident of the dog during the night  

Paperback - September 15, 2005 (teenagers)

of  Mark Haddon  (Author),  Odile Demange  (Translation)

Who killed Wellington, the big black poodle of Mrs. Shears, the neighbor? Christopher Boone, "fifteen years, three months and two days", decides to lead the investigation. Christopher loves lists, plans, the truth. It understands mathematics and the theory of relativity. But Christopher has never ventured beyond the end of the street. He can't stand being touched, and finds other human beings ... confusing.
When his father asks him to stop his investigations, Christopher refuses to obey. At the risk of upsetting the delicate balance of the universe he built for himself ...

A storm in my head  

Paperback - Mar 4, 2013

of  Brigitte Marleau  (Author)

My name is Mathilde and I have epilepsy. It means that in my head sometimes there are lightning storms. It's like I'm in the moon, I don't move.

But Adrien, when it happens to him, he falls to the ground and his whole body trembles and jumps.

Fortunately, I have Berger, my favorite doggie, to reassure me.

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Snowy, the white martlet 
Paperback - january 1, 2000

of  Annie stammber  (Author)

In a family of blackbirds, Neigeuse was born different: she is white; all the birds in the woods fly towards her nest and devour her with unbearable glances. Doctor Flamant Rose's diagnosis is clear: it is albinism with mental retardation. While her brother Merli grows up, whistles like all blackbirds, then flies, Neigeuse lives in her little world. The arrival of a third party, a Homing Pigeon who defines her differently, as a "Rare Bird", will open a door for her.

Zoe's difficulties 
A story about intellectual disability 
Hardcover - Sep 20, 2012

of  Collective  (Author)

Zoe has a mild intellectual disability. The electrical circuits of his brain are not all functioning normally.

But despite her delays and her weaknesses, Zoe also has great strengths, which she can exploit with the help of her family and specialist workers.

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Time for a downpour
Paperback - apr 2 1997 (teens)

of  Marie-Sophie Vermot  (Author)

"I hope you and Lea have become friends" wrote Rose's mother in her letter. Can we become friends with someone like Léa? The word friendship does not seem to have any meaning in front of this hilarious fat girl, who repeats the same syllables from morning to night in a hoarse voice, and who spends her time picking raspberries which she then reduces to mush under the patient eye of his mother. Rose is furious. These three weeks of vacation are shaping up to be a nightmare. She thinks Lea looks crazy and she intends to avoid her as much as possible. But that will be difficult. Because Léa has decided on the contrary. And she's not at all crazy.

Diagonal beds 
Paperback - March 1, 2012 (teenagers)

of  Anne Icart  (Author)

They are brother and sister, they are inseparable. His big brother is his hero, who watches over his nights.
And then one day, his mother explains to him: his big brother needs more attention, more love ... She, she is only a child, she has not noticed the words that stumble against the lips, the chaotic step ... His world crumbles.
Then she will love him even more. Brother and sister, together, alone against the world.

High School Students Prize - Prince Pierre of Monaco Foundation

It is a saving, rare, necessary book that must be read and offered to others. A moving story, but never sad, bright, often funny, and above all of infinite tenderness.” Questions de femmes

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Shhhh ... 
Hardcover - Sep 28, 2007

of  Roxane-Marie Galliez  (Author),  Sandrine Lhomme  (Author)

 “You haven't always spoken. It's like that. Why you ? You and not me? I do not know ". Being the sister or brother of a disabled child is always a mixture of happiness and pain.
By alternating warm tones and icy tones over the pages, the illustrator plunges us into this duality of relations between a child and his disabled sister: happiness to share common feelings despite the difference, special attention and listening, but also rejection. , frustration and guilt. Written in the first person singular with children's words, the sentences are short, poetic and modest. They will resonate above all in the ears of children concerned by the subject. The graphics, all in roundness, accompany the reader in the imaginary world created by the child. But it is with her feet on the ground that she concludes: "there is a path for everyone, I promise to come and meet yours often". 

A little bike in my head: Alexandre discovers that he is hypersensitive 
Paperback - Illustrated, 21 Dec 2020

of  Corinne Vonaesch  (Author)

What if your child is hypersensitive? Here is a book to help hypersensitive children accept themselves as they are, and appreciate their difference through the story of a hypersensitive little mouse. It will also allow you, your parents, to better understand this personality trait that affects one in five people. To discover together ... This album is intended for everyone, and in particular for highly sensitive children aged 6 to 10 as well as their parents. A common reading will allow a fruitful exchange on this personality trait, and will promote in the child the acceptance of his difference. 

Too many stimuli for Alexis
A story about hypersensitivity 
Hardcover - 23 Aug 2012

of  Francoise Robert  (Author),  Sonya Cote  (Author),  & 1  more

Alexis is a smart and playful little boy who, like all children, loves to laugh and have fun. However, in his case, the game and the excitement lead to a great disorganization which he cannot control. It overreacts, turning into a small tornado or having fits. In addition, Alexis sometimes overreacts to certain stimuli -; such as background noise, bright light or uncomfortable clothing -; which, however, have no effect on his friends.

Would Alexis be hyperactive? Not at all ! He is a hypersensitive child, that is to say he perceives certain stimuli much more intensely than the majority of people. Hence the importance of providing him with the tools that will allow him to prevent and manage potentially difficult situations for him.

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