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Make known, Support, Inform, Engage, Collaborate.....

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You are AMAZING !!!
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Thank you to Alice, Clémence and Neïa our MYT1L Extra-Vaillants ambassadors!

Thank you to friends and family for being there with us for this very special moment! There were over twenty of us!

Well done Clémence for braving all the weather and making it to the end of the walk! You look magnificent with the Eiffel Tower behind you.

Bravo Neïa for being so strong and proud to hold the Vaillants sign for this walk, you're so cute.

Bravo Alice for taking the march all the way to the metro and the trunk of your car! We'll keep talking about the march in Rouen.

To all you Vaillants, we've been thinking of you!

Thank you Alliance Maladies Rares.

It was an intense day! A 1st Cross Solidaire for the association and the 12th for the Sacré Coeur and Ange Gardien schools and college in Domfront!
It will remain a vibrant memory and a support that will benefit Les Vaillants for a long time to come.

It was a moment of sharing, commitment, kindness and crazy warmth!
We formed a whole around the Vaillants, and their three little representatives of the day, Neia, Elsa and Alice.

Neia's family is originally from the region, so she was incredible! Thank you 🧡💛💙

They've done it!
They did the incredible!!!
Cross Solidaire
October 13, 202

Ecole et collège du Sacré Coeur et
école de l'Ange Gardien - Domfront (Orne)

A huge bravo, a huge thank you! And these words are very weak!
Thanks to students, teachers, families, friends, individuals and professionals..... thanks for this crazy mobilization! 💚💜❤️
A special thought to Azéline: "without you, nothing would have been so strong, so true, so incredible!" 🧡💚❤️

Sincerely, words fail to express our infinite gratitude.
To all of you mobilized for us
To the Vaillants

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!! MYT1L gene syndrome information video 

When children mobilize to help other children with special needs...

❤️ This is huge! Thanks from the Vaillants!

We owe this wonderful opportunity to a young lady by the name of Azéline, who rallied round on behalf of her little cousin and all the Vaillants.

She introduced the association to her classmates as part of a school project, and lobbied for us to be the lucky beneficiaries of this year's CROSS SOLIDAIRE for her school and associated elementary schools - Sacré Coeur, Ange gardien and Collège du Sacré Coeur de Domfront.

A huge, huge thank you to Azéline and all the students and their teachers for this outpouring of their hearts, which means so much to us! Every year they mobilize, and you can find out more about their actions here :

We had the great pleasure of meeting and talking with the students on Friday 22/09/23.

Here are a few images, a publication and a VIDEO presenting the pathology and the association to the schoolchildren (simplified video for school level available on request).

National Congress of the Rare Diseases Alliance 2023

The challenges of the 4th National Plan for Rare Diseases (PNMR)

Since the launch of the PNMR3, strong measures have been taken to reduce the number of people with rare diseases who are left without a diagnosis.
These measures still need to be consolidated in a fourth national plan for rare diseases.
It will also be a question of using new measures to go even further in this area of diagnosis, as well as improving access to treatments for rare diseases and to biotherapies by reinforcing the collection of health data and biobanks.
(extract "Towards a fourth national plan for rare diseases (PNMR4): for greater synergies between care and research", Ministry of Higher Education and Research - 28/02/2023). You can consult the full press release with the assessment of the previous NRDPs by clicking on the underlined words.
Collaboration with Dr. Moritz Mall teams

On February 14, 2023, Dr. Moritz Mall and his collaborators published:  

"MYT1L haploinsufficiency in human neurons and mice causes autism-associated phenotypes that can be reversed by genetic and pharmacologic intervention”.

This publication highlights the interesting effect of a molecule called Lamotrigine on the behavior of mice with an anomaly in the MYT1L gene. Please note, for this study, the therapeutic trials were carried out only in mice. There are still many steps to know if it could work in humans.

The existence of the drug on the market, its already effective use in neurology and psychiatry are important factors that will save time in the study projects of the passage from mouse to human in order to define the real effectiveness. , necessary dosage and side effects for MYT1L patients.

It is likely that a new study will soon see the light of day, led by the team of Dr Mall (Germany) We should know more by the summer (feasibility, schedule, cost, coordination with the geneticists of Rouen and the 'association...). This opportunity should accelerate the clinical study on the behavioral disorders we have been talking about since the beginning of our collaboration with Dr. Coursimault and Dr. Guerrot.

Dr. Moritz Mall, of theHector Institutefor Translational Brain Research (HITBR), has long studied the role of the protein MYT1L in various neuronal diseases. He had agreed to answer questions from Jonte's parents about MYT1L syndrome. You will find the link of thisinterview translated into French on the German family page(click on the underlined words).
Mr. Mall has been conducting basic research on the MYT1L gene since 2012 and has had his own research group in Heidelberg since 2018.

PRH76: Departmental Thematic Day 

A day rich andynamisante with Norman actors around :

  • initial identifications and orientation towards the diagnosis

  • the diagnosis

  • the diagnosis... and then?

Many useful resources for everyone

  • PADLET produced by PRH76

  • movie of the day :  the themes are sequenced

    • the first identifications and the orientation towards the diagnosis

    • the identification actors

    • tracking tools

    • the diagnosis

    • first level players

    • second level actors

    • the diagnosis... and then?

    • an example of interdepartmental partnership: towards simplifying the process?

    • common law resources at the service of families

    • support for parents and support for professionals, valuing parental knowledge and increasing the power to act

Click on the underlined words to access the resources (ONLY IN FRENCH)

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1st day Families/Clinicians/Researchers around the MYT1L gene

November 25, 2022 - Rouen University Hospital

Highlighting the supports that made this incredible day possible

  • Financial donations, more than 6000 euros collected which have contributed in particular to bringing together and welcoming families in the same place in Rouen

  • Donations in kind for chocolate taste buds for young and old, toys for the treasure hunt of the children present, a warm and gourmet family drink, a salted butter caramel sweet to thank...

  • Gifts of skills to develop communication tools, to awaken to music, plastic arts and dance, to supervise children on D-Day...




Thank you so much !

Together we are super too strong!💪😉🧡

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🔸 We have the great pleasure of relaying the information of the geneticists Dr Coursimault and Dr Guerrot of the reference center for developmental anomalies and malformation syndromes of the University Hospital of Rouen, concerning the complementary project of description of eating disorders linked to the geneMYT1L, which is part of the follow-up to the clinical-biological study carried out in 2020.

🔸 This project is a collaboration between the reference center for developmental anomalies and malformation syndromes of the Rouen University Hospital, and two professors, Pr Poitou Bernert and Pr Dubern, endocrinologists specialized in genetic obesity in adults and children. , respectively, practicing at the Pitié Salpêtrière Hospital and at the Trousseau Hospital and belonging to the PRADORT Reference Center for Rare Diseases. 🔸

For the moment, this is a project that only targets patients with an eating disorder, ie an eating disorder, or overweight, or obesity.

🔸 To carry out this project, your genetic doctors will contact you to present the project to you. For children, these are questionnaires to be completed by parents. For adult patients, help from a nearby adult may be needed. Then, you will have to retransmit these completed questionnaires to your geneticist, who will be responsible for transmitting the data to the Rouen team.

📍📍 If you are not asked and your child is affected by this issue, do not hesitate to contact your geneticist, or contact us: to provide you with a solution.

👍 Another step in favor of all the Valiants to better understand, improve trajectories!
👍 Thank you to the doctors who are mobilizing with us around the geneMYT1L.



Nathalie Engelmann, A horizon for Hélias


😍 600 euros for our Vaillants 😍

THANK YOU for your incredible generosity! So precious for all Vaillants!

So happy to meet us, so grateful for the bond of heart that you have woven between Les Extra-Vaillants MYT1L and Un Horizon pour Hélias!

Lot of love and thank you again! Long live the Bretons and long live the salted butter caramel!⛵️🫂🤘👌👏 👏

"We're here because it's important to show that you can do lots of things when you have a disability...Even if it takes a little longer." Like more than 400 people, Valérie came with her daughter, carrier of a rare genetic disease, to participate in the "[extra]ordinary race" de  Rouen _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_(Normandy), this Wednesday, June 15, 2022. Article excerptFrance bleu Normandie

Easy to Read and Understand Training

Thanks to the AnDDI-Rares health sector and Unapei,  we followed a two-day training course on the design of communication tools in Easy to Read and Understand - FALC.

Two days led by Hugo, enriching and productive, with health professionals and associations. It was fun and stimulating!

We continue the work started and prepare tools for children .  A little more patience….

Click on the underlined words for more FALC information and resources

Also discover  SantéBD , a wealth of customizable comics to explain care and facilitate access to health for all

June 2022

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Easy to Read and Understand Training

Annual Scientific Colloquium
Rare Disease Foundation

College of France - May 31, 2022

We had the pleasure of attending this symposium where medical and health sciences rubbed shoulders with human and social sciences.

Needless to say that it was rich!

We invite you to connect to the YouTube channel of the Rare Disease Foundation for a replay of topics that may interest you (reminder of the program ).

Following the issues raised by certain families, we are giving you more specific information on an article on the complexity of patient follow-up in the transition from pediatrics to "adult" follow-up:

- " Between medical transition and passage to adulthood, a possible conflict of temporality for young people with a chronic disease "

Agnès Dumas (University of Paris, Clinical epidemiology and economic evaluation applied to vulnerable populations - ECEVE, Inserm, University of Paris; and Research group in medicine and adolescent health - GRMSA, Paris)

Click on the underlined words to access the information.

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Thank you Nathalie Engelmann and all the pretty people who accompany her in the association "a horizon for Hélias" for their sharing and their generosity.

Thank you to all the gourmands who bought the pots of Salted Butter Caramel in support of the Extra-Vaillants MYT1L and a Horizon for Hélias. A few smiling faces to illustrate and tons of "HUMmmmm too good" received!

The amount raised will help to set up the Families, Clinicians, Researchers day on November 25 at the Rouen University Hospital.                 APRIL 2022

Rare Disease Day 02/28/22

A look back at International Rare Disease Day on February 28. The monuments of several cities in France are illuminated in green colors, pink and blue thanks to the action of the Alliance des Maladies Rares and the wonderful welcome from the municipalities. Find all the images on the Facebook page of the Alliance des Maladies Rares (click on the underlined words).


In the wake of this colorful Monday, the HANDINAMIC day was held at the Rouen University Hospital. A big THANK YOU to the genetics teams of the Rouen University Hospital for their welcome, their warmth, their support, their commitment! The beautiful encounters continued with the discovery of associations, athletes and committed artists!


A dynamic that gives wings to our everyday heroes.


March of Rare Diseases of December 4, 2021

We are very proud to have participated in this Saturday's Rare Diseases march! We were 18!!!!

Thanks to ALix for coming from Aix en Provence for this occasion, what a pleasure to meet her as well as her brother and his friends. Congratulations to Alice for having held this long march, for being involved in it.

Thank you to our friends, our families, who came to share this special moment filled with pride, unity, warmth, kindness and hope!!!

Fabulous atmosphere and organization at the top! Thank you to the Rare Disease Alliance, all the teams, volunteers who made this moment incredible.

See you next year

We encourage you to go to the page of the Alliance des Maladies Rares, and to watch the video of the interview Professor David Geneviève - Medical geneticist - Head of the inter-hospital genetics federation 

We are proud, happy and mobilised!

MYT1L Extra-Vaillants have joined the Alliance des Maladies Rares family!

The Rare Disease Alliance represents the voice of 3 million French people affected by 7,000 rare diseases. It is part of the Plateforme des Maladies Rares, which brings together

- The Rare Disease Alliance
- The Rare Diseases Foundation

- Maladies Rares Infos Services
- AFM Telethon
- Orphanet Inserm

- EURORDIS Rare Diseases Europe

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